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Persecuted in the Vastness of Introspection

Foto Steven Sitohang

Standing in between the walls of the abstract

Eyes sliced with the glare of light in

Cruel smokes from stomach ashtray

Entering the imagination gap that still a virgin

There is no passion forces me trapped

This silhouette follows from behind

In this vastness I squeezed

Hatred to millions of colors that straddle in my mind


The tangle to tie shoe laces emotions

It's hard now to play

With the naked, painting and dancing

The reflection of the almighty mortal rays crazy, full of humiliation

I hate in between, I hate this wisdom

I hate the air, I hate flowers!, I hate green

By independent, I was persecuted in the vastness of introspection

Dust crystals roams with melancholy-madness

Time and space stops, no one I met

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