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Puisi Bahasa Inggris

Persecuted in the Vastness of Introspection

Standing in between the walls of the abstract

Eyes sliced with the glare of light in

Cruel smokes from stomach ashtray

Entering the imagination gap that still a virgin

Dear September,

And here we stand to watch the theatrical life

That completely dark to be touched by heart

There’s no home for sincerity to survive

We screamed on the equator so hard

It is real, isn’t it?

It is real, isn’t it?

(a poem for HIV / AIDS Day, December 1)


Gloomy Wednesday morning

It brought long painful shock to be healed

Event Of Mei 1998 In The Women View

A women humms liric of  time song

Voice as that is hard as a river at the mountains though we heard it

Brightly between the loudly afrraid men


once again in this day
i heard your name
and it sucessfully makes my mood sway
it just flash my mind back
to the days we ever had
to all memories we ever shared



Can you say love to one you do not fall in!?

Can’t you say no to one you fall in?


This is you,

This is me,

This is him, her, and them

This is me

I am me,


Happy birthday

To me? You did say it?

I am born and I am dead

each day is my born day


if joyous joyful is full of joy,

how could I become

the joyous joyful joy


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