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James S. Walker was born in a small town in Northern Missouri. As an undergraduate, he studied Criminal Justice and Photography at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. Later, he received an MA in English from Missouri State University in Springfield. He has written over 300 essays on a variety of subjects (travel, humor, observations, and all of the above) that are currently being collected in his "Essays in Travel and Humor" series. He also writes a variety of fiction, including contemporary, absurdist, science fiction and fantasy, and horror. He has lived in Mexico, Sardinia, Alaska, and New Orleans. Currently, he lives in the Pacific Northwest when he isn't teaching college-level English classes on board US Navy ships.

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James S. Walker

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James S. Walker

He loves blooging. His blog Sirte is Product River . Recently he posted this artical: Top 10 Best Rice Cooker For Sticky Rice of 2019: Review & Buying Guide

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