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Dear September,

Foto Steven Sitohang

And here we stand to watch the theatrical life

That completely dark to be touched by heart

There’s no home for sincerity to survive

We screamed on the equator so hard

Like a swarm of ants with 10 years-a king

Looking for some sweet in the small holes

Don’t care about the giants, death and everything

On this tropical mainland, to be unified is our goals!


But that goals is disallowed

We try on and on so many time ago

Our destination is not to be a winner and don’t want someone to lose

But it seems like we’re trapped in this archipelago


On the September gray..  one of us is died

I was fly without wings.. with no wide open grave

I’m worry about the king.. Don’t ask me why!

Now we’re fighting with rage, love and brave


Sceptical like a missing child

Little egocentric cause loss of right turns to left

But they stigmatize us a wild


We’re just children that yearning the peaceful-playground

I’m just hunter with no weapon

Peering for justice in the jungle on downtown

I’m talking with flowers, and need no gun

We’re not prisoners but we’re bridled

And I don’t need your arsenic to make this life tragic

I’m just a normal human

From your mouth comes hundreds of bullet

You extruded me from my own house

You hose off me with Indian Ocean

The unwritten rules likes volcanic eruption in Java

He’s lonely between the Dutch and the Hindia



(Jakarta. January 2nd 2014)

Dedication of The Death of Munir . . .


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