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Why Do I Have to Smile?

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Why do we have to smile? For some reason, people said it’s stimulate our body to be inside and outside healthy. Some of us believed that smile can make others feel comfort staying beside us. Rasulullah Saw., as the best teacher also teach us to keep smiling, as a sign of give, share, and even the value from ALLAH SWT. were really guaranteed for one who always smile.
However, different people in different countries conserved smile in varieties, such as in Japan; smile were informal because they think smile is only available for mom-kids or husband-wife relationship. It were not polite to smile or laugh with someone who has higher position than us (in office, corporation, parliament). The particular certainly comes trough different culture. In Indonesia, it was a gigantic fundamental about smile, since this attitude has cover all of our identity, from Sabang to Merauke. We are a humble and nice country.
A phenomenon then comes to ours, that many disaster and crisis seems decreasing our identity. It is normally happen, for example alike someone who having hard days, lot of trouble, and confuses. There will need big heart and much sacrifices to get through these. Similar with the situation, our country does need big heart to facing hard times. It might caused sadness, but do not dropped by. We must continue our positive personality as a nation, which is smile itself, and it absolutely need time for recover it. Well, according to me, who is really no-one and not great as the smiling people, smile could turn the control of mind, and could make everything possibly fixed. That does not mean that we are too relax about life and problems, but smile is an optimism. Anyway, the days may be cruel, but we can heal it…just smile and the world will be colorful for you…..I don’t know what else to write, but all I can do today is smile, Hihi  :


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